Country: Sudan

Situated between the Sahara, the Red Sea, the Sahel, Central Africa and East Africa, Sudan is a microcosm of the larger African experience. With a diversity of geography, histories, cultures, livelihoods, religions, languages, a unified and constructive future is in the balance. This module provides a general overview of Sudan including information about its history, geography, people and cultures.

Intriguing Questions

  1. What is the meaning of "Sudan"?
  2. What is the interplay between Sudan's geography and its history?
  3. How has Sudan's colonial experience affected the current moment?
  4. How are the past and present of South Sudan and Sudan intertwined?
  5. What is Sudan's role in the region? Globally? Past and present?
  6. How do Sudanese make a living?

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Module Teaching Resources

Lecture Materials

  • Post-Independence History of Sudan (ppt) 
  • Pre-Independence History of Sudan (ppt) 
  • Module on General Charles Gordon and the Red Book. By Lisa Spiro & David Getman at Rice University. Unravels the story contained in "The Egyptian Red Book," which uses cartoons and quotations from authorities to criticize the British government's handling of General Charles Gordon while under siege in Khartoum in 1884-1885. Discusses research methods used by historians, including examining the original source for key details; identifying significant words to use in catalog and index searches; using newspapers, political papers, and other primary source materials; and comparing multiple sources to get a comprehensive understanding of events.

Sudanese Arabic - Lessons and Vocabulary

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