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For nearly any topic or course section, one course assignment can be to explore a topic further by doing bibliographic searches and constructing a focused bibliography. This is also an important element in developing a research paper. The following resources are useful in finding and evaluating sources. Read here or download the PDF.

OCLC WorldCat. The world's largest network of library content and services.

Zotero and Zotero HOA group collection

 Subject Guides from the UC Berkeley library

General Guide to using the UC Berkeley Library's catalogs, library and Internet research strategies, and citing your sources.

Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources, by Karen Fung, Stanford University Library

Searching through Subject Headings 

“Library of Congress Subject Headings.” 2013. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia.

Tutorial on using Subject headings

Other Useful Bibliographic and Research Guides 

Food for thought 

Alves, Julio. 2013. “Unintentional Knowledge.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 23.