David Kyeu

David Kyeu teaches Swahili language in the department. He has in the past taught Swahili as a foreign language at the University of Florida, Brown University and the University of Wisconsin. He is a past recipient of academic initiative teaching award at the University of Wisconsin and was also a Fulbright scholar at Brown University in 2005/2006.  David Kyeu is currently writing his Ph.D. dissertation titled ‘Effects of interaction and collaboration in the writing of Swahili as a foreign language’ in the department of African languages and literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research interests are in Applied Linguistics, Second / Foreign language acquisition and African languages. David Kyeu has authored two Swahili grammar texts and works of fiction.  In the Global Association of Promoting Swahili (GAPS / CHAUKIDU), David Kyeu is in-charge of technology related issues and represents US Midwest in the organization.

Department of African American Studies, UC Berkeley