Maasai girl milking (from the short story)

Maasai girl milks cow while calf suckles milk - the essence of Maasai pastoralism (see short story).

circa 1970

Maasai warriors dancing

Maasai warriors dancing at ceremony

circa 1970

Poka group ranch

Poka group ranch, Kaputiei section (see short story).

circa 1970

Lion in Maasailand (Kenya)

Lion in Maasailand looking regal (see short story).

circa 1970

Ghetto Radio Nairobi

A commercial community radio station that began in 2008 in Nairobi. It can be streamed live on the internet.

Just A Band - Ha-He

From YouTube description: "Makmende Returns" for Just A Band's second promo from their second album, "82". The song in the credits is "Forever People (Do It So Delicious)", also from the album. Starring Kevin "K1" Maina, Patricia Kihoro, Mbithi Masya, Kibugi Wamae, Mugambi Nthiga, Renee Sewe, Kwame Oddenyo, PA Okaalet, Kevin "K2" Maina, Moses Wataka, Lucille Kahara and Diana Nduba. Directed by Jim Chuchu and Mbithi Masya for Just A Band.

Just saw makmende on CNN

Just A Band - Ha-He

An example of the poetry genre, Baraanbur

This is an example of the genre of poetry and song known as Baraanbur, normally associated with women.

We found this on the web site JidkaCirka (SkyRoad).

World Cup 2010 Conversations - Amharic with Amharic and English Subtitles

As in many parts of the world, the FIFA World Cup Tournament commands the attention of many. In 2010, the World Cup took place in South Africa. Though far from the Horn of Africa, many there shared the excitement of the first World Cup staged on the African continent. This short film captures some of the tension between the demands of work and watching World Cup matches. The characters also explore some of the debates around African football. The same situation is offered in five languages.


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