News Overview for Sudan and South Sudan



Sudanese Daily Newspapers

Over 23 different daily newspapers are published in Sudan. Some of them are government owned, some private and others semi-private.  Most Sudan newspaper editorial policies support the government and its political party "The National Conference." The law that organizes and governs the press and journalists in Sudan is designed to shield the government from any criticism that any journalist may attempt to publish. Government security officers read the news articles before allowing them to go to print,  removing any article found offensive to the government. In this vast country, only Khartoum, the capital, publishes newspapers. Indeed some of the remote regions of the country only rarely receive these papers.   Here is a list of the 14 daily published newspapers in Sudan. All of these papers are published in Arabic except one in English, "Sudan Tribune"

  1. Alray Alaam Newspaper (“Popular Opinion”
    Alray Alaam is one of the oldest newspaper in the Sudan. It was established by Mr. Ismail Elatabani in 1945 as an independent newspaper. Based on resources and staff Alray Alaam is now one of the well established and wealthy newspapers in the country. Despite the fact that the paper has a lot of resources, it is not widely circulated due to the fact that it constantly supports the government policies. 

  2. Alayam Newspaper (“The Days”)
    This is the second oldest newspaper in the Sudan. Similar to Alray Alaam, Alayam was also established in 1953 as an independent newspaper before independence. During the period of 1969 - 1985 the paper was nationalized by the government of Gaafar Numari.  Alayam was led by one of the most experienced journalists Mahjoub Mohamed Salih who was awarded last year the American award "The Golden Pen" for his strong ethical and professional manner. Alayam was subject to repeated closings  by the government's security due to its attempt to publish articles opposing the government's policies. Due to political pressure and the low profit, the paper wasn't able to compete, which forced Mr. Salih to retire.  Salih was put in a financial situation by the government  to hire an editor who was known by his strong loyalty to the current government of the Sudan. 

  3. Alsahafa Newspaper (“The Press”)
    Alsahafa newspaper was established as an independent paper by its founder and editorial manager Abdelrahman Mukhtar in 1961. It was also nationalized by the government of Gafaar Numari in 1969. In 1998 Alsahafa gained  back its independence under the current journalism law, which limited its journalists' ability to write freely about political, social and economic issues in the country. At the end the government was able to gain the paper’s support by using economic tactics such as giving its management personnel money or indirectly through putting government advertising in the paper.  

  4. Alsudani Newspaper (“The Sudanese”)
    It was founded in 1987 as an independent by Mahjoub Irwa, a well known member of the Islamic Movement in the Sudan.  In 1989 the current government of Omer Elbashir closed all the independent newspapers, including this one. The paper returned to publication in 1996, but faced financial and political problem due to the attempts of its editorial staff to write truthfully about political and social issues.  As a result of the founder's disagreement with the Islamic government, the paper was closed and its founder was detained and charged with spying for the Saudi Arabian government.  
    The paper returned to publication weakened financially, even its website is not functioning at this point of time:  

  5. Akhbar Alyoum Newspaper (“Today’s News”)
    The paper was established as an independent newspaper by Ahmed Albalal Eltayeb, but its editorial policy is completely aligned with the Islamic government. Consequently, the government  gives direct support to the paper.

  6. Akhir Lahza Newspaper (“Latest News”)
    It was founded in 2006 with undeclared financial support from the ruling party the National Conference. While it declares itself as an independent newspaper, readers are aware that the paper is supporting government policies. It is the most widely-distributed paper, but it seems to have little public support. 

  7. Alintibaha Newspaper (“Attention”)
    The paper was established after the Comprehensive Pease Agreement CPA between the government in the North and the Sudanese People Liberation Movement SPLM in 2005. The paper was founded by a group in the Islamic Movement who objected to the CPA. The paper has never been subject to security policies as other papers in the country despite the fact of its extreme views. The paper calls openly for separating the South from the country so that the Islamic movement can implement Sharia laws freely.  It should be noted that the paper's administrative body is headed by Mr. Eltayeb Mustafa who is the uncle of Omer Elbashir the president of the Sudan. 

  8.  Alahdas Newspaper (“Events”)
    Was founded in September of 2007 as an independent paper. The administration board of the newspaper is headed by Dr. Eltayeb Haj Ateia, a well know academic who has taught the field of journalism for many years. The editor in chief of the paper is a well known member of the Islamic Movement . 

  9. Ajras Elhuria (“Bells of Freedom”)
    The paper was established in April 2008 as a partnership between civil society and the SPLM with 80% share.  Although, that the paper has the best professional journalists in the country, it is struggling to stay in publication due to continuous shut downs by the government security officers. Ajras Elhuria is the most targeted paper by the government security for its opposition writings to the government. The paper's Internet address is:  

  10. Alraed Newspaper (“Leader”)
    This paper  appeared in April, 2009 with huge financial resources from the government.  The paper's editor in chief is Mr. Mahdi Ibrahim a leading member in the National Congress "the party of the Islamic Movement" that has governed the country since 1989. It can be found on the web at: 

  11. Alwefag Newspaper (“Agreement”)
    Founded by Mohmed Taha Mohmed Ahmed, who was a well-known member of the Islamic movement. He was also the editor in chief until 2008 when he was kidnapped and brutally assassinated. 

  12. Alkhartoum Newspaper (“Khartoum”)
    It was founded in 1988 as an independent newspaper and it moved to Cairo  after the military coup by the Islamic Movement  in the Sudan. It returned to Khartoum, but after changing its policy from opposition to support for  the current government.  The paper's impact in shaping the public view has diminished and it has a limited distribution area. 

  13. Alwatan Newspaper (“The Nation”)
    It was established by Seed Ahmed Khalifa in 1985 during Sadig Elmahdi's government, Sudan’s last  democratically- elected government. Although it was founded as an independent paper, the governing party was able to inject their members in its editorial board and control its message. 

  14. Sudan Tribune Newspaper
    This is the only English paper that is published in Sudan. It has been regarded by the Islamic government as an eye and ear for Western governments. The paper supports the Southern government what makes it subject to repeated harassment by security agencies in the North.