Lesson: Pastoralism - Classic and Current Issues

Pastoralism is widely practiced in most of the vast semi-arid and arid areas found in the Horn of Africa. This lesson explores  'classic' and emerging issues confronting pastoralists through a series of readings, updates, assignments and other resources in the following sections:

  1. “Classic” Issues That Have Confronted Pastoralism in the Horn
  2. Key Points covered in these readings on “Classic” Issues
  3. The “Classic” Issues Continue to Confront Pastoralism in the 21st Century
  4. Student Activities & Questions to Answer Related to the “Classic” Issues
  5. The Emergence of New Issues Relating to Pastoralism in Recent Years
  6. The Potential of Pastoralism to Cope with Climate Change
  7. Student Activities & Questions to Answer Related to the New Issues and to Climate Change
  8. Relevant websites and Youtube Videos on Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa
  9. Photos in the HOA Web Portal
  10. Relevant Maps in the HOA Web Portal
  11. Key References ~ Bibliography

Items 1-8 in the unit can also be found on the eScholarship site: http://www.escholarship.org/uc/cas_horn