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South Sudan

As the newest nation in Africa and the world, South Sudan is land-locked and situated between Central, North, and East Africa. South Sudan became independent from Sudan on July 9, 2011 after a referendum in January of that same year.


Situated between the Sahara, the Red Sea, the Sahel, Central Africa and East Africa, Sudan is a microcosm of the larger African experience. With a diversity of geography, histories, cultures, livelihoods, religions, languages, a unified and constructive future is in the balance. This module provides a general overview of Sudan including information about its history, geography, people and cultures.


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Kenya is probably one of the African countries most familiar to Americans. Straddling the Equator, it is 224,963 square miles (582,650 sq km) in size, slightly larger than France; slighly smaller than Texas. Its geography varies from the temperate highlands to the tropical coast to the arid north. We explore various aspects of the Kenyan experience in this project - girls's football in Kilifi, the intersection of climate and conflict in Isiola, the first internet meme, educational reform and other topics. Join us on this journey.


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Among materials on this site is a syllabus by Mia Fuller, Eritrea and Italy: From Colonialism to the Present.

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