Conflict Management Overview

This powerpoint provides an introduction to the Conflict Management Module. In addition to providing a conceptual outline (below), it also introduces institutions, data sources and methods for exploring this topic.

Horn of Africa Introduction

This slides of this powerpoint provide a visual introduction to the geology, geography, climate and livelihoods of the Horn of Africa.

Pastoralism - Classic and Current Issues

Pastoralism is widely practiced in most of the vast semi-arid and arid areas found in the Horn of Africa. This lesson explores  'classic' and emerging issues confronting pastoralists through a series of readings, updates, assignments and other resources in the following sections:

Popular Culture, Global Knowledge and Kenya's First Internet Meme

In March 2010, a music video by Just a Band brought the character, Makmende, to the consciousness of Kenyans - at least those who were wired to the internet. This lesson uses this event to explore how power, technology and culture influence the production and circulation of knowledge.

Sheng - Youth and Language in Kenya

To gain insight on how language, identity and culture intertwine and change through learning about Sheng. Read online or download PDF.

Somali Language Lesson

The lesson will introduce students to the Somali language with a linguistic overview and audiovideo samplers.

Somali Poetry and Rap Lesson

Learn about continuity and change in the Somali language

Surprising and Fun Facts

Learn about aspects of countries in the Horn of Africa that go beyond the most common notions of these countries. Explore how our knowledge of these countries is constructed.

The Daily Lives of Adolescent Girls in Kilifi, Kenya

Through exploring the contemporary quotidian realities for young women in Coastal Kenya, students develop insights and skills for analyzing how complex socio-historical dynamics impact opportunities and challenges.

Understanding Kenyan Politics - Spring 2013

On March 4 of 2013, general elections were held in Kenya, the first held under the new constitution approved by a national referendum in 2010. This lesson considers the dynamics of political coalitions and oppostion parties in Kenya.

Verifying Facts

Explore concepts and methods in the verification of ‘facts’.

Youth Module - Introduction

This provides an introduction in a powerpoint to the module addressing the question, Why study youth?